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  • Megan Silvey

Simplicity Is Best

A quick data visualization tip: simplicity is best. With the advanced technology and applications such as Power BI and Tableau, it is easier than ever to design insightful visualizations to showcase data. This includes providing a large variety of visualization types and customizations. Unfortunately, this can cause many people to go overboard when visualizing their data. This leads to overusing aspects such as color, shapes, amount of information shown, and graph types used.

The end goal when visualizing data should be to clearly convey what is happening with the data. This can get side tracked when trying to create an interesting looking visualization such as using 20 different colors, including way too much data without a filter, or making it 3D. These can deter the end user from determining what is being show and cause confusion or a lengthy amount of time to decipher what exactly the visualization is showing. So in the future, keep in mind that it is better to keep a visualization simple than to make it look as fancy as possible.

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